Quality – How do Clients Know?

The Law Society urges clients to “choose quality advice”. You spend 3 years on a law degree, 3 more years qualifying as a solicitor, then add several more years honing your skills and adding experience. Then some client complains about the quality of what you do. What do they know?

Unless you client is an in-house lawyer, the answer will be “not that much” even with the internet. After all, that is why they have come to you as a legal expert. This means that they are not able to judge your legal expertise, so they will not. They will take it for granted.

As a result, clients have to judge the quality of what you do by other criteria. This means in particular how you guide them through what is often a scary process. Additionally, do you do what you say you will do, when you said you would do it? Do they know what the process will cost, and if that changes, do you tell them?

In short, can they have confidence in you?

More on this topic in the future.