Kids Club Kampala – Our Charity of the Year


We are delighted to announce that we have adopted Kids Club Kampala as our Charity of the Year.

The charity originally ran clubs on Saturdays for the children of slum communities in Kampala, Uganda. Over the years further work with children means that they support education for the poorest chldren, as well as feeding. More fun comes from music and football projects. One of the effects is that children are in a safe place.

Uganda has a large number of children separated from their parents (for a variety of reasons) and Kids Club Kampala’s Ewafe project works to reintroduce them safely to their families. This in a country with few social workers.

Other projects work with women and teens, including on subjects such as HIV prevention.

This is not one of those “fat cat” charities, and the head office is run on a shoestring. Importantly, it is community led, so it is not a case of the rich West patronising Africa.

One of the needs the charity has is for regular funding, and one of the best ways to help is by regular monthly giving. For further information, see


Our Charity for 2013 – Future Hope

For the last couple of years, we have supported (in a small way) The Beacon Centre for the Blind in Wolverhampton. One service they provide to business is help in making adjustments in employing visually handicapped people.

For 2013 we have decided to adopt Future Hope, a charity devoted to improving the lives of street children in Calcutta. This was featured in Test Match Special following a visit by the England team during their recent tour. And this is some history of the founder, Tim Grandage. In part, it is a story of a different kind of leadership.