Ideas need to be put into action

And the action needs to be effective.

Just because you are an ABS doesn’t mean it will work


Brummies Networking 10th January

Based in Birmingham? Looking to network?

Try Brummies Networking, at the G Casino, Broad Street every second Tuesday of the month. This is as informal as networking gets.

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Oh, and there is no charge.

Website Problems

I have tried to log into the Iwan Thomas Associates website content management system to update the site. For some reason access is being denied (a problem for many others, according to the support forum).

Until the issue is sorted out, any updates, interesting offers and so on will appear on this blog – so keep visiting!

Adult Apprenticeships

I had coffee with Nick Thompson of Dudley College yesterday to discuss Adult Apprenticeships, with particular reference to law firms. They do not however deal with Legal Apprenticeships (others do).

Instead they assist a number of law firms to develop nonlegal skills such as in business administration (ie office skills), customer service and team leadership. For instance, someone in a client facing role is likely to be more effective if they learn how to do it, rather than being told.

Qualifications are at various levels, up to degree equivalent. NVQ’s are based on work based training and assessment. Cash investment by the firm can be minimal as the scheme is government funded, unless the firm wants something bespoke. It will however need some time from the employee and encouragement from the employer.

This could be a very cost effective way of increasing skills, staff retention and profitability. With the revolution in the legal industry (and if we talk ourselves into a Brexit recession) firms that train and improve their staff will have a better chance of thriving.

So contact Dudley College for more details (or find your local equivalent, if you are outside the West Midlands).

PSC Applies to Law Firms Too

A requirement to maintain a register of PSC’s (People with Significant Control) came into force yesterday (6th April 2016). The information will need to be supplied to Companies House by 30th June 2016.

The requirement applies to LLP’s as well as companies (but not partnerships), so law firms arepotentially within the net.

The Government’s Guidelines are here. (Opens in new tab).

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