The Law of Rule?

The Government through Ken Clarke has introduced a Green Paper proposing secret court hearings:

“Under the government’s plans, all “sensitive” information held by MI5 and MI6 would be discussed in secret court hearings. “Special advocates”, security vetted and approved by the government, would see the information on behalf of individual defendants or claimants but not would not be able to reveal it to them.

Such procedures, or alternatively vetted jurors, could also be used in coroners’ inquests, the government has said. An alternative would be to vet family members, but the government concedes that “could be extremely distressing for a family grieving the loss of a relative” and that some relatives may not agree.”

Rest of the Guardian’s report here, and one of the cases that prompted the Green Paper here.

Is anyone else as suspicious as I am? The Green Paper starts:

“The first duty of government is to safeguard our national security.” Nothing there about safeguarding the liberty of the people, nor the Common Law.

We have had abusive secret courts before in England, and even more in Wales, in the Star Chamber. I for one do not want them again.

H/T Tim Worstall