Delegating is Hard Newsletter

It always seems easier to do it yourself than to delegate to someone else, but a growing business depends on delegation. Learn more in our latest Law Matters Newsletter, as well as details of a VIP Day offer, and a free lawyer joke. Download NewsletterVol8No1

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Delegate, but Not Too Much

Our November Law Matters newsletter is now available via our website here. This deals with making delegation work, not only on an individual basis, but also delegation by the CEO to the organisation.

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8 Ways to Stop Inflicting Stress on Your Team

Many people cite their boss as a significant cause of stress. Avoid some common traps by reading Law Matters here.

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Latest Newsletter – My Client Experience

The latest Law Matters Newsletter deals with our Super Six Offer, why coaching is for winners, and gives my experience of using a solicitor recently. It can be found on our website here.

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Cash is King – April Newsletter

The main article in our April Law Matters Newsletter discusses cash, prompted by the collapse of Blakemores.

Find it here.

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Law Matters: ABS, Riverview, Too Many Fee Earners?

The March Law Matters, dealing with this morning’s ABS announcement, some thoughts on Riverview Law, and RBS’s view that there are too many fee earners,  is now available on the website.

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Legal Apprentices, Webinar, Hidden Costs

Our latest Law Matters Newsletter is now available, see here.

In it, we write of legal apprenticeships, and give notice of a webinar by Red Spot Coaching entitled “Should I Set Up a Business?” We also explore the issue of hidden costs, which do not appear in ledger, but which can cost your firm thousands of pounds.