11 Year Old Develops Mental Toughness

I have been doing work on preparing a Mental Toughness Development Course recently, part of the reason for a lack of posts. One of the points I make is that mental toughness can indeed be improved. It is important in this context to know that the MTQ48 test (the starting point) uses a model based on the 4C’s: Challenge, Challenge, Control (emotional, life) and Confidence (abilities, interpersonal).

I read a good illustration on the Dr Laura site recently. A mother describes the problems her son has, and how she set him a physical challenge – the minor one of walking 200 miles across England, Coast to Coast. Read it here. He says ” I’m not a guy who quits any more.” That means he has already developed more mental toughness, and you can see the link to the 4C’s.

I very much hope that they make it to Robin Hood’s Bay, the end of the walk, and look at the plaque about the lifeboat. That also illustrates successfully overcoming difficulties.

On 19th January 1881, the brig “Vessel” ran aground in the bay. Sea conditions meant that the Whitby lifeboat could not be launched for a rescue. Instead, it was dragged 6 miles from Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay through 7 foot snow drifts. This involved 18 horses and 200 men. Once it reached the village, walls were removed and bushes uprooted to make a wide enough passage to the sea. The crew of the “Vessel” were successfully rescued, at the second attempt.

Mentally tough people are not passive, but take action to overcome problems – even if they are 11.


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