50 Business Challenges: No. 15 Export

I was at an inspiring event last week, at which one of the speakers was Steve Brittan, President of the Birmingham Chamber. His company, BSA Machine Tools exports most of its production, not to the EU but to countries such as China and Brazil.

Exporting is not to be done without considering the risks, such as currency fluctuations. Considerable support is available from Chambers of Commerce, and from UKTI, to help you to explore the possibilities and the pitfalls.

There is, however, a tendency to think of exporting in terms of physical goods. Services can also be exported, so that for example I have employed a coach in Canada, and the barriers to my coaching people abroad is only language and insurance restrictions. Lawyers are in the same position, and the whole success of the City of London is based on servicing the whole world.

Size in this context does not matter. I know of a bakery in Sicily with a sideline in taking orders from tourists for macaroons, which were then dispatched around the world.

So in part, this is an attitude of mind, of not being constrained by place. Be open minded – but get it right!




50 Business Challenges: Reconnect

Are you one of those who has a drawer full of business cards from people you have met only once? An immediate email follow-up makes sense, even on the basis of “it was good to meet you”.

But even if you do this shortly after the first meeting, it is easy to lose touch, even with people that you have dealt with on a regular basis. LinkedIn is a good way of reconnecting, firstly through inviting inactive contacts to link. For those who are already contacts, work your way down your list, contact them and suggest a chat by phone, or a coffee as appropriate. The trick obviously is to keep contact sufficiently regularly to stop rigor mortis setting in.

Cash is King – April Newsletter

The main article in our April Law Matters Newsletter discusses cash, prompted by the collapse of Blakemores.

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50 Business Challenges: No. 13 New Life

Easter is over, with its symbols of new life, chocolate or otherwise. This year it also coincides with the end of the tax year, which for many firms is also the end of their business year. An appropriate time therefore to think of birth, growth and newness.

What new plans do you have for you business for the next 12 months? As ever, if you make plans, write them down so that they are crystallised, and you can refer back to them.

What is new? New services or products, new people, new strategies?

What needs nurturing? People, strategies, services, clients.

What needs to grow? Income, the firm, you.

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