50 Business Challenges: No. 11 Cover Your Weaknesses

A fortnight ago, I suggested playing to your strengths. And obviously, playing to weakness makes little sense.

Bur too many people spend too much time trying to become adequate in their areas of weakness. This time cannot then be spent trying to maximise strengths. That is not to say that developing skills is a bad thing, but being selective makes sense. As always, match action to your situation.

There are 3 steps

1. acknowledge your weakness in one area.

2. Decide whether to improve your skills or cover the weakness.

3. Take the appropriate action, and keep going.

To illustrate covering a weakness, I confess to a weakness for chocolate digestive biscuits (especially the plain kind). I cannot eat just one, so the whole packet disappears (however big) within about an hour. I can therefore choose to develop iron self discipline so that I resist temptation. Alternatively, I can simply not buy chocolate digestives. Which course allows me the time to do something more productive?


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