Third of FTSE executives consider quitting new jobs

According to a poll reported in today’s Telegraph there is a major  problem with director level recruits feeling that they have been mis-sold the position or the company. The cynic in me wonders if this mis-selling is more prevalent among banks!

The result is dissatisfaction, and executives either leaving or planning to do so within a relatively short time. And that does not produce success for the company.

“Lucy McGee, director of leadership services at Harvey Nash, said: “The quality of the first 90 days for an executive, and how well they are introduced into the organisation, are crucial to their long-term success and productivity in the business.

“But executives are all too often left to sink or swim. To be effective they need a clear understanding of what they’ll be measured on and how best to work with their boss. Organisations should be more upfront and honest about the challenges ahead, and do much more to support new senior leaders in acclimatising”.

Giving new executives a fairly realistic view of the job is obviously important, but it will never be perfect. What every company can however do is to accelerate the transition through the first 90 days, to ensure that the executive reaches break even as quickly as possible.

A structure, such as that developed by Michael Watkins at Harvard, is vital. Coaching during the process also aids the transition at a time when the executive is not only uncertain about their new post, but additionally uncertain about their support network.


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