New Address

Our new address, from 22nd September 2012, is

Second Floor, Quayside Tower, Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2HF

Our telephone number remains unchanged: 0121 698 2318


Bye Bye Plucky British Loser

Andy Murray wins his first Grand Slam tournament. Well done him!

What I found interesting from his post match comments was his mention of doubts. These were in his mind before the game, but arose particularly when the match slipped from being 2 sets up to 2 sets all. That was the classic time to lose, as the momentum was with his opponent, and tiredness set in. Instead he won the final set 6-2.

We all have doubts, but need the mental toughness to overcome them, and the techniques to keep them in their place. One element of the mental toughness model I use is confidence. Murray’s confidence is his abilities must have been boosted by winning Olympic gold at, of all places, Wimbledon.

Having won his first Grand Slam tournament, it should be easier to in the next, because he knows he can do it.

We need a new category, for our national psyche as well as for sports jounalism. Plucky British Winner.

Office Move Coming Up

I discovered yesterday afternoon that I will have to move office in about a fortnight. My landlord’s negotiations with their landlords have fallen through so they have just given notice out of the blue.

I am not happy: this has suddenly taken a slice of time out of my month, and is going to add to the cost as well.

So watch this space for the new contact details, though I will circulate people my contacts list as well.