Back it Up!

I am always haunted by the story of the man who religiously inserted the backup tape into his server every night and ejected it every morning. Unfortunately, he never hit the return button at the end of each backup to complete it. The result was no backup over a period of years.

I have backed up so much data over the years that I had to set up a new (and bigger) backup device this morning. It took a remarkably long time for the first backup. But that means that I will not have to endure that heart stopping moment when the laptop dies, and the last backup was a month or two ago. What is more, my insurers and the Information Commissioner are happy as well.

Why am I so confident about the backup? The first thing I did was to restore one of the documents as a test, proving that it worked. I will test again every fortnight or so, to check that there are no problems.

And I will sleep soundly tonight.




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