The Danger of Being a Lawyer

James Ward, of Morris Goddard & Ward was shot in the head in his office in Devizes, Wiltshire yesterday. Telegraph story here.

Any shooting is shocking, particularly if unconnected to gang activity. That it should happen in a market town such as Devizes makes it even more unexpected. Having worked for a firm with an office in the town, I am personally relieved that my former colleagues are safe: Mr Ward’s colleagues must be deeply affected.

I will not speculate about the background, although there is more in the Mail’s report. Thankfully, serious attacks on solicitors are very rare. Sometimes the solicitor is blamed for their client’s decisions and actions.

Should solicitors take special precautions? I would say not: this kind of incident is extremely rare. But we all need to be aware of possible dangers whatever circumstances we are in. For example, is a solicitor more likely to be attacked in their office, or mugged in the street for their i-phone?

But pray for John Ward and his family.



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