In the Midst of Life…..

…..we are in death, as the old funeral service has it.

A morbid thought for a Friday afternoon, but appropriate given that for many firms tomorrow sees the year end.

It is prompted by connecting Fabrice Muamba, Mervyn Davies and Rhys Thomas. Fabrice Muamba has been much in the news after his heart attack while playing for Bolton against Spurs on 17th March.

Two days before, Mervyn Davies, one of the great rugby players of the 1970s died. He had to give up playing after a brain haemorrhage suffered while playing for Swansea against Pontypool. Rhys Thomas is the Llanelli Scarlets prop who had a heart attack while training in January.

What saved each man was the medical facilities available where they were when they suffered the problem. As Mervyn Davies remarked, had he been on an obscure golf course, he would have died.

If very fit young men have been saved substantially by luck, where does that leave the rest of us? Does your life pass the “bus test?”

That test applies to both business and personal lives. How would your business carry on without you? What mechanisms are in place? Does everyone know what is going on, or is it all in your head? Contingency planning is advisable.

More important is your personal life, and the effect of your death on your loved ones. Importantly, are they actually secure that you love them? Have you made a will? Again, how much is in your head? Some people have the chance to plan for when they are gone, so (for instance) write birthday letters to their children for years ahead. Buses do not allow that.

Life is invariably fatal, and it does not do to pretend otherwise. If you accept the fact, it gives scope to make plans, just in case.

Here’s wishing you a long life.




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