Lydiate: The Invisible Worker

In the aftermath of Wales’s Grand Slam success, something struck me. It is not really possible to say that Dan Lydiate is invisible, since he was awarded Man of the Match in two out of five Wales games! However, although I was in the stadium on Saturday, it was only the television coverage that showed me his immense contribution.

The Welsh coaching staff know his worth only too well. They monitor, watch and collect statistics of balls won, tackles made, and so on. Hence when selecting the team he is one of the first on the team sheet.

Many managers are unfortunately too like me, and do not notice the contribution made by some of their staff. It is easy to notice the obvious and the attractive, but not always the basic gritty activity that so often is the foundation of success.

One way to do this is to deliberately monitor activity and to gather statistics (it helps if they are the right ones). And (for law firms, and others) always remember that while many firms praise those bringing in new clients, few praise those who keep existing clients happy. The latter is generally more profitable.

Here are the highlights of Saturday’s game – count the mentions of Dan Lydiate. In particular in the run up to the try it is tackle, get up, assess, stand in for scrum half, pass. Masterly.



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