Alchemy for Managers

When I was a practice manager, I was the only full-time manager in each firm. The variety of problems passing across my desk was huge, and it made it almost impossible to know everything necessary to deal with them.

It is difficult enough managing people when you are a professional manager. This is even more the case when you are a professional who has to fit management around a professional workload. And management training may be limited.

How much are you likely to learn about managing people “just in case”? Not that much, I suspect. Some general principles, certainly, but not too much detail.

The alternative is to have information to hand “just in time”. This will be a familiar approach to lawyers, who are used to carrying out research on specific issues when it becomes necessary.

Alchemy for Managers is a desktop product which provides “just in time” comprehensive online resource of management tools, tips methods, and practical information. It covers a range of topics,from action learning to working from home. It takes in customer relations, posture and comfort, and strategy on the way.

Above all, Alchemy is scalable: used by companies as large as Homebase, it is equally applicable to sole practitioners and small businesses.

If you are interested, please contact us to arrange a demonstration and a free trial.

That was a blatant sales pitch for Alchemy.


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