But I’m an Intelligent Professional…..

…..so why do I need coaching?

If everything in life is perfect and likely to remain so, then coaching will do little for you.

For most of us, though life is full of compromises, doubts and challenges both in work and outside. Here a coach can help you to address what is important to you.

Remember that a coach is not a remedial teacher, but someone who deals with competent adults (if someone needs therapy or counselling, they should visit a counsellor or therapist).

The fact that you are a professional may well mean that you tend to think like a member of your particular profession. What could be more natural? But this can be a limiting factor in coming to the best conclusion. The questions a coach will challenge your way of thinking to ensure that you explore possibilities fully.

Intelligence can obviously be a considerable asset. Yet once again, it can be limiting. Firstly, it can make you see all sides of an issue, but then make it difficult to make a decision. Secondly, while rational problem solving is important, sometimes issues such as emotion and ethics need to be taken into account.

A couch will help you use your abilities, but not be limited by them. And of course, you are the one who makes the decisions as to the direction to take.


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