Service Quality Fail

As tweeted earlier, I phoned the surgery this morning to make an appointment, and was told that my doctor has retired and that I am now on somebody else’s list. It is only because I happened to call that I found out.

I confess to being slightly miffed. I am not a regular doctor botherer, but I have been her patient for 20 odd years, and this is simply not the way to do it. Although the personal relationship with a GP is admittedly in decline.

In solicitors’ firms where I have worked, the practice was to write to clients informing them that X was retiring, and that Y would in future deal with their work. Some effort was expended to ensure a smooth handover, to ensure that the client was not lost to the firm. Additionally it was a requirement of the 2007 Code of Conduct.

It may be the vulnerability of the client relationship to a change in personnel that may be the key. GP’s can be more certain that patients always need doctors and have a degree of inertia.


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