Small Business Saturday, 26th November

In the USA, Small Business Saturday falls this weekend. Consumers are encouraged, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, to spend something in small shops. This will only be its second year, but according to American Express, which founded it, last year businesses saw an increase of 28% in sales turnover over the same day in 2009.

I have no connection with the American version, but it would be wonderful if everyone in Britain could do the same here! So get out there on Saturday and spend something with a small business that you would not otherwise have done. That could be anything from a bar of chocolate through your fruit & veg. to a pair of shoes. Or you could grab a coffee from the local cafe rather than your usual chain, or have your first pint at the local.

It can work in all kinds of ways. If you have a prescription, take it to the independent pharmacy rather than the chain. If you keep thinking about making a will, phone a solicitor to make an appointment (try Friday, though).

And you could even do it all online, such as at “The Oldest Record Shop in the World.”

Me? I will visit the butcher and the greengrocer in my local High Street, which I do not normally do. I will also make a never before made offer to small business owners via this blog at 10 am tomorrow – so watch this space.


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