Kids Club Kampala – Our Charity of the Year


We are delighted to announce that we have adopted Kids Club Kampala as our Charity of the Year.

The charity originally ran clubs on Saturdays for the children of slum communities in Kampala, Uganda. Over the years further work with children means that they support education for the poorest chldren, as well as feeding. More fun comes from music and football projects. One of the effects is that children are in a safe place.

Uganda has a large number of children separated from their parents (for a variety of reasons) and Kids Club Kampala’s Ewafe project works to reintroduce them safely to their families. This in a country with few social workers.

Other projects work with women and teens, including on subjects such as HIV prevention.

This is not one of those “fat cat” charities, and the head office is run on a shoestring. Importantly, it is community led, so it is not a case of the rich West patronising Africa.

One of the needs the charity has is for regular funding, and one of the best ways to help is by regular monthly giving. For further information, see

Podcasting and HS2

Some of you may know that I am one of the organisers of Brummies Networking. We also produce a podcast for small businesses. Though we are Birmingham based, it is usually of more general interest.

A case in point is Episode 14, when we try to get to grips with the costs and benefits of HS2. Have a listen and make up your own mind. We will have to come back to Boris’s bridge between Scotland and Ireland.

Brumpod is available on your favourite platform – but the Apple link is here

Don’t grow your law firm alone

It’s often tempting to go it alone. It often saves cash (though not necessarily increasing profit).

But lawyers are often not experts at firm building, and, of course, client work usually gets in the way. Having someone to talk to about your business helps.

We recently launched the Focus*Action*Results laser coaching package to help smaller law firms access assistance in growing their firm. This consists of unlimited laser coaching (in focussed 15 minute sessions) for 12 months at a very reasonable rate.

View our 13 minute webinar (link takes you offsite) and contact us using the details there.

Henry V and Leadership

The Chroniclers suggest that at Agincourt Henry V either grabbed his sword and shouted “follow me lads” or he gave an inspiring speech. As a writer, Shakespeare naturally chose the latter.

This is one of the most inspiring leadership speeches there is. It is worth analysing how Henry ensures all his team are committed, how he emphasises the team rather that the heroic leader, and how he uses a vision of the future to influence the present.

Worth 10 minutes to watch and think.

How do you relax?

Stress helps us perform better – up to a point. Too much unremitting stress can kill, or destroy minds.

Finding ways to relax in order to manage stress levels is an important element of wellbeing, but also of performance. Please share in the comments your favourite method of relaxing, and consider whether methods used by others might help you.

Germany’s Apprenticeship System Struggling?

One of the strengths of the German Wirtschaftswunder is the vocational training system. I keep attending events where the UK’s skills crisis is discussed – a crisis that has been continuing for at least a decade. One of the points that keeps coming up (in the West Midlands at least) is that we have too many graduates and too few apprentices.

This article from Reuters suggests that all is not now well with the German system, with a shortage of candidates. Guess what? More young people are being encouraged to go to university.

Ever get the feeling that there is no perfect system?